Christmas "Stock"-ing Stuffers

(boards in this picture aren't the actual boards available)

If you are wondering where to get a board or two for the Christmas season, Pacific Beach Surfshop has a sweet batch of boards just waiting to slide some waves this holiday season.

Currently Available:
5'10 Mini Fish Simmons Quad
5'10 J Hall Keel
6'6 Long Fish Simmons Quad
6'8 Long Fish Simmons Quad
6'10 Long Fish Simmons Quad
7'0 Long Fish Simmons Quad
7'10 Egg Tail Skosh Single Fin
7'11 Fish Simmons Quad (just like Skip's Personal)
8'0 San Di-eggo (Classic Fryed Green Tint) 2 plus 1 Set up
9'4 Fish Simmons Quad (Teal Tint)
9'6 JM Model
11'0 Double Ender (eagle) coke bottle green tint

Call John, Randy or Stanley down at the shop to inquire about pricing or visit the shop.

Store Hours: 9am-6pm

Also be on the look out for a few fresh batches to reach the near shores of Icon's of Surf as well as Shelter Surf Shop.

Merry Shopping!

Meet the Shaper Day at Pacific Beach Surfshop

Hey everyone, this Saturday at PB Surf Shop from 12-4pm I'll be there for a meet and greet. Looking forward to meeting new customers and to answer questions about the boards currently in stock and to just talk story. This is part 2 of a 4 shaper series. So come on down and check it out. I just dropped off 6 freshies, including some new quad fins with the new Andy Davis logo as well as an 11 footer with the classic coke bottle green tint and 1/2 inch cedar stringer.

Pacific Beach Surf Shop
4150 Mission Blvd. Suite 161
SD CA, 92109

(Located next to the Hooters in the PB Promenade on Mission Blvd)

Look forward to seeing you there. Email me if you have any questions.


The New Website is launched!

check it!!!!!!!!!!

all sorts of boards in the catalog to look at!

Give it up for pops!

Dave Hall finally stopped by the Hole in the Hall yesterday to say hey and take his kid out to lunch! Check out his sticker collection, can I get a HARD BODY salute please!

Emerging Shapers Interview

My friend David who runs the Phoresia blog just posted the interview we did after having met this past September in New York. Check it out.


Windansea Coaltiotn Club Contest at La Jolla Shores

Had a fun weekend last weekend at the Shortez Bank. Fun rights both Saturday and Sunday made for a fun contest. Usually held at San Miguel in Ensenada, due to the crazy Baja stuff, the Windansea surf club decided to move it. Due to the size of surf and the only option of going right, my equipment was my new 9'6 Braden Noserider that Skip built me. My only long board with a 2 plus 1 set up. but it seemed to work. Took 4th overall in the mens longboard being the only goofy footer in the final.

Here are few shots, there are tons more on John Slavins website also

extra points were added to this waves due to the casual maneuver in the most critical part of the wave!

Thanks to Grubby Clark

....we manufacturers of these finely tuned surf crafts have to deal with this!!

for those of you that don't know what this is, you are looking at a board that has been laminated with a blank that wasn't done gassing yet! YES! those are bubbles of gas fumes leaking from an already shaped blank! hope this one turns out!

Hats off to the holiday season

these just came in. please send me an email if you'd like to purchase one!

My Friend Manny

Has made the move and is in full time residency now in North County. After having some awesome mongolian chicken he decided to come get the official welcome to San Diego by none other then the mayor himself, Skip. Here Skip checks out one of m caros sweet little tri plane hulls. Manny's boards are going to be a great addition to the local lineups! I'm stoked for him to have made the move.

photos y.imai

Full Circle

So here it is, the shape trade complete. ON the left, Skips new 7'11 Fish Simmons Quad, on the right, my new 9'6 Braden Noserider (#4 of this model). Pretty insane to have had this opportunity to shape a board for Skip and get some positive feedback. My board actually was rented for the weekend prior to this by the shaper so it already came with some feedback. I guess it's cool if the shaper tests it out first. HA! And Skips new fins system is off the chain! totally unique with a ton of sizes. For the box fins they go from 6-9.5 in half inch increments and in the side bites from 2.5 to 4 in quarter inch increments; that's 3 sizes smaller than your standard GL FCS side fin. so go to Mitchs, PB Surfshop, or SouthCoast Windansea and pick em up. the flex on these babies is insane!

Catching up!

Hello everyone! well, maybe its hello no one due to my lack of blogging diligence as of late but just wanted to touch base here and update. Things have been going very well, shaping a bunch the last few months and looking to keep it going strong in to new year. The board swap with Skip is almost complete, just waiting for the noserider to get polished and hope to slide it next week, if he doesn't first, but of he wants too, thats totally okay with me! He seems to be pretty stoked with the 7'11 Quad Fish Simmons he's been sliding "No hang ups" he says, which is great considering his other thoughts about quads hes shared in the past. It's been a real honor to be able to have built him a board. I've been traveling a bit also. Was lucky to be in Japan for two weeks with Andy, Tyler and Jeff tagging along on the 3 Amigos Tour. Tyler and Andy both painted two boards for the show and our gracious hosts showed us an amazing time. That being my first trip to Japan I can't wait to go back. Also shaped a small batch of boards there. Came home for a day then headed off to New York en route to Puerto Rico, spent 5 days in the city. Hung mostly at the New York Surf Film Festival as the producers are good friends of mine. Thanks to all who let me hang out there, big ups to FM Bouroughs! From there took a wicked red eye flight to Aguadilla and was met at the airport by Tony Yordan, owner of Playero. Drove to the Rincon side to Tony's house, met the whole family and then of course went for a surf immediately there after. A huge thank you to Tony and Gigi for taking me in and letting me stay at their place, and for allowing me to drive to the factory in their car, thank goodness Tony was with me when a young one decided to not look in front of him while driving and rear ended us! No one hurt, we were only moving 2 miles and hour! I hope the damage is easily fixable. Was able to shape some boards down there for some customers and the shop! Can't wait to get back there either. Hope everyone likes the boards! Trying to introduce a few new models down there, because when there is swell, there is some heavy water moving. Also huge thank you to Che, Nestor and his son Guayli for letting me occupy their space for a week at the shop so i could shape. Very very talented craftsmen all of em. PR has a good thing going with this group of surfers and I'm really excited to see what contiues to come out of this factory! Got back and have been trying to get through the last of the big summer orders. The season started slow and then everyone decided to order batches all at the same time! so its taken me a little while to get through. but almost there.

What else has been shaking???? Sacred Craft was awesome this year. was really happy to have two booth spaces, makes it easier for showing boards. Just had truly memorable moments with a lot of people I look up to and respect. One in particular was when Terry Martin came and hung out sitting on the van seat talking story! Classic! Rich Pavel making an appearance also, along with Skip, Roper, Bird, RK, Hank Warner, all people who have been influential on me growing up and still continue with their support. Many other names and faces whom came by, not leaving you out! Just shaped recently two boards ordered by Thomas Campbell, one a 10'10 double ender/eagle type board for his personal stash, and a 7'0 Long Fish Quad, on behalf of Rasta and Thomas for their friend Chris Berry, whom I'm to believe, I think, will be having his music featured in T Moes new movie. (just what i think based on conversations with T Moe) Funny thing about this story, i shaped Thomas' board almost literally to the day, 9 years later, the same week that The Seedling premiered at La Paloma and was completely unaware that he had snuck a wave of mine in to Skip's section.. how full circle is that? The reason i knew the date is that in my shaping room is a Seedling poster with the taped on La Paloma attachment. I couldn't believe the coincidence of that! So a huge thank you to Thomas (and Skip) for that one wave. its kind of spooky to think of the foreshadowing potential of the one little clip.

Look for some shows to be happening in the next little while. The New Pod Room is looking to do a show also might get to collab with Harry the Hat and a show at the Surf Indian but we'll see where that stands soon! Will for sure keep you posted.

My good friend Manny Caro has moved down to Encinitas from San Fran and will be shaping full time now at the Moonbase! Keep a look out for some new wave sliding vehicles that he is creating, more of the round, tri plane hull type! Very excited for him to be down here.

Trying to put together a batch of shirts for the holidays, will try to run some of the classic kelp logo and some of the Monster t's as well.

Overall blessings have happened all around this year and just a thank everyone for the support and feedback of boards, too many thanks to give out to everyone. just keep a few orders coming! with no shaped blanks, means that there are 2 -8 people per shop with no work, and they are the core of the industry and our integral in keeping the heritage and culture of building surfboards alive/ DOn't think for one second the overseas production companies carfe two cents about the history and the culture, they are only worried about bottom lines and price points. Don't buy bar codes, we have to keep supporting our local shapers and glassing crews!!!! or else this could dissipate like a lot of other unique cultures in this world have.

the cameras in route to being fixed so daily bloggin will resume shortly!

Hard Body Posse West Cooooooast!

A few friends getting togetha at the Hole in the Hall post surf sesh. Included in the fun were Ryan Tatar(Shakas and Single Fins), Manny Caro, Pickle, D Partch w lil Morgan and none other than Mike mutha effin List, aka Flapper. Admist the fun, I managed to squeek out a 5'6 Rocket fish keel fin for Pickle. I hope she works....

This is Hard Body Posse Status

Custom JR Model for the NYC mr. motorcycle man himself, Neil. Hope you like!

I know

it's been a month since the last post so I'm sure no one is watching. Main factor? Broken worm drive on the camera, is out getting fixed. But lots of cool things have been going on.

First up! I'm having a board demo this Saturday from 9am to 2 pm at Pacific Beach Surf Shop. Located in the Promenade on Mission and Reed St, next door to Hooters. We'll be out front with the boards but check in to the shop.

Second. Ando came down to paint some boards last night for a show in Japan in Septemebr. I'll be making my first soujourn to Japan along side Andy, Tyler Warren, and Jeff Canham. Really looking forward to it. Check photos out from our good friend Ryan at

Okay. That is all for now. Will be getting back into the blogging mode in a bit.

What Goes Around...

Another awesome post from A. Smith of Born To Lose. Just wanted to pass along a fabulous post about a good friend of mine, Michael Miller, and his passion for the surf craft! I've known Michael since he first moved here and have been fortunate to see him grow to where he is at today. I'm even more fortunate that he glasses a few boards of mine from time to time. Few others work is on par with Michael's.

My Local Line Up Interview part 3

This interview was shot in September of 2007. Just so everyone knows a lot has been evolving since. The interview lasted over an hour and covered a lot of ground like in part 1. But, the particular basis for parts 2 and 3 of the series is who and what are my influences for building the classic style noseriders. And those are Joel and Donald primarily. These styles of boards represent just a part of the quiver of boards I can offer to my clients. As of late, the main board I've been building has been the Quad Fin Fish Simmons in all lengths, 5'-12'. So, just wanted to set the tone that this particular focus is on the board in the background.

Thanks to the crew at My Local Lineup for the awesome support of the small local shaper. Keep up the good work!

My Local Line Up Interview part 2

My Local Line Up Interview part 1

Finely tuned winged flyers of birdfish

Nos vemos!!!!!
Skip Frye Surfboards

Japan Fish Frye May 2008

Many were in attendance, many boards displayed, maybe some waves were ridden, however, only a few of my boards made it to the show. Wavesforever Japan shop owner Angu made it happen by getting some boards down to the beach for us. Too bad I wasn't able to attend the event. I missed out on having this conversation with Rich..... would of liked to have had the opporunity to talk fish with him!


Unbiased board review of a Mini Fish Simmons Quad

My friends wife had arranged a secret birthday shaping mission for him to have me help build a board for his son. Well, upon arriving to the Hole in the Hall, it changed in to HIS birthday board.

pics by Born To Lose

Hole in the Hall sesh with Ando and friend

Stoked to get Andy his board, finally. Actually it worked out becuase due to him not getting his board, Thomas and he were able to tag up my personal. Proves that all is meant to happen when it is supposed to. Hopefully he'll shred hard gnar on his new 9'4 HP2 Pintail. go man go!
Also present in the session, none other the the Animal man himself, Mike mutha effin List. Repppin' HB posse westcoast style!

Photo by Yusuke Hanai

I knew we'd get a better photo. Thanks Yusuke.

Boards Arrived and more on the way

Fresh batch just delivered to Shelter Surf Shop and Mollusk Venice today. Also Mollusk New York just got some signature models in. Big boards and small boards in the works right now for Playero, Icon's of Surf, Pacific Beach Surf Shop and Waves Forever. Stay tuned......

Unexpected East Coast Sliding Experience

This was an absolute honor and suprise for me when I arrived to the beach my second day in New York. To slide a Frye Fish Simmons at a Fish Frye in Long Island New York, based off the original event at my home break at Crystal Pier, at the foot of Felspar St, where Harry's Surf Shop dropped in November 1990 and kicked out December 2000; the very shop this exact board was born in and got to watch many of them be built. Talk about full circle!

photos passed along to me via Shawn Roche,thank you!

Love from Surfy Surfy for Mitsuru

Fotos via JP St. Pierre

Ando Boards land in Japan for The Greenroom Festival

I'm hoping to get more pictures from this event since I was not able to attend but here is a quickie snap shot of the booth we had there. To the right you can see a row of boards on the wall, 3 Skips and 3 of mine. The two fish in the middle are the boards Andy did for us. I hope the crowd was stoked.

Dream Quiver

Just going through some pld pics and thought I'd throw a quiver shot up. NO, it's not mine. Bummed.

From l to r: 5'4 J Hall Twin Keel, 7'7 Twin Fin Fish Simmons, 9'6 Swallow Tail, 8'4 Tri Fin Fish Simmons, 6'8 Long Fish Keel

Dinasoar poop floats upstream via.....train? wtf???

emailed recieved last week

Yo Josh,

I had about a 1 1/2 hour at a local point and the board is insane. It was glassy, about 2-3' faces. The board paddles like butter and freaking FLIES. Can't really describe it. It's actually pretty easy to turn and control as long as my foot is on the tail, no problem at all in that department. Turn, pick a line and go really really fast... I can't wait to get it in some good surf. Any bit of steep face and the board really started to shine. Great first session. Seriously, this board will make Summer in my area a whole lot better.

Thanks again for showing me around and the ride to the station yesterday. I raided a cardboard recycling dumpster up the street from the station and wrapped the board in cardboard, and the fins in part of a suitcase that was in there. It worked great and not a scratch on the board from the two train rides although the layover in LA from 11pm-7:30am fucking sucked. Give me a ring next time you're up here so you can give it a try. Hope you like the pics. I've gotten a ton of compliments and "what is that?" comments from people about the board. Even got the grand tour of the baggage claim area at Union Station in LA last night. Kept hearing Amtrak baggage staff saying "huge surfboard" on the walkie talkies.

take care,