Full Circle

So here it is, the shape trade complete. ON the left, Skips new 7'11 Fish Simmons Quad, on the right, my new 9'6 Braden Noserider (#4 of this model). Pretty insane to have had this opportunity to shape a board for Skip and get some positive feedback. My board actually was rented for the weekend prior to this by the shaper so it already came with some feedback. I guess it's cool if the shaper tests it out first. HA! And Skips new fins system is off the chain! totally unique with a ton of sizes. For the box fins they go from 6-9.5 in half inch increments and in the side bites from 2.5 to 4 in quarter inch increments; that's 3 sizes smaller than your standard GL FCS side fin. so go to Mitchs, PB Surfshop, or SouthCoast Windansea and pick em up. the flex on these babies is insane!