5'5 rocket fish quad

Super stoked to see my good friend from Spain Sancho putting his board
to good use!!!! Vaya loco!!!!


11 0 Fish Simmons for Neal

Slide the mega glide my friend!

Oh yeah this was Saturday night

Flapper on bass at the Tower Bar playing in his band the Green

In Honor of the Fish Frye post yesterday.

Round two for Steve Hadley. 6'7 Long Fish Keel. A step of version of
his 5 10. Pulled in just a tad for the hollow waves of his region!
It's an honor to build these boards, can never say thank you enough
for the nod from Skipper to build these beautiful dual fins. Slide on
ya Steve!

11'0 Fish Simmons for Neal

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Skip crafting his first eleven
footer. (insert Skips section in the Seedling by Thomas Campbell for
his description of his experience). Neal already a part of the big
board club now has a new addition. Slide on ya mate!

and only 100% hand shaped ALL THE TIME!!!

Guest shaping

Cyrus Sutton came down to shape himself a 7 3 Egg for some backside
shralping. Super stoked to be able to see the man in action building
what I think is number two. Shakas!

9 8 JM for Shane via Icons