Two customs for Masaki-san

5'5 Mini Fish Simmons Quad with Lox Box

and a 5'11 19 2.5 Skosh Tri Fin. This board will really be fast with Skip's new Tri Fin Sets.

8'0 San Di-eggo for Lucas Dirkse

Lucas and I stopped by Joe Ropers for one of his famous fish tacos and to pick up Lucas' new board. This thing came out really foiled and with the new Skip fins for the 2 plus 1 set up, this board is sure to go off!

Coming to the hood this Friday!

Born to Lose

Chorus of Approval

Cool lil piece done about boards. check it out

Team J Hall takes First place in Mens and Jr. Mens at the 2009 Tourmaline Summer Classic

Much Nassle Voyaging was done this past Saturday on the 9'6 JM Water Craft.

Not a bad turn for just having sides bites...secret spot photo shoot

Fellow Slider John Haffey

And leave it up to Lucas grom for the inside bowl antics...

Secret Location photo shoot....quiver

PB Summer Classic, Sat June 13th at Tourmaline

Come one come all and surf the south swells at Tourmaline this Saturday. This board will be part of the raffle this year. 6'8 Tri Fin Egg, glassed by legend Joe Roper. Come on down and buy some tickets!

New York City....

please take care of my dear friend Flapper and make sure he has a good time. But who only goes to the city for 3 days! haha Good luck out there holmes!

San O Sliders

Two versions, and eras, of similar thought.

Secret Location photo shoot

Mad Props to Morgan Maassen. We'll be seeing more of his awesome work coming up in Tyler Warren and John Smarts new project later this year. thanks MM

Barely Barely Barely used board for sale.

This board was ridden maybe 4 or 5 times.
9'6 Diamon Tail Nose Rider, 22 1/2 wide, 3 1/8 thick. Ice Olive Inlay on the deck with olive green bottom, brown pinline.

2 Fcs side with a single box

Awesome t-band stringer, 1/4 cedar center with 1/8 bass sides and brown glue.

laminated by the masters at Moonlight Glassing.

Includes really nice board bag.
Total:$900, local pick up available or can provide shipping and handling to anywhere with additional costs.
If interested please email me. Thanks

Local Live at the Rock Bottom Brewery

Here are a few shots from last weekends event!

Killer Pics for sale

My good confidant Ryan Tatar of Shakas and Single Fins is over in Japan right now. Looks like he had an awesome time. He's also selling all of his original artwork from the show so he can plan a trip through the North East later this year (one I might be able to tag along on also). Check em out!
Ryan's been a big supporter of JHall and so anytime I can, I send him the love back. Hey Ryan, hows that 7'11 Fish Simmons Quad treating ya? Just like the one you are taking a picture of being shaped, but that one was for Skipper!