A little nostalgia

Back a long long time ago I used to be apart of a company, Oenos Global Inc, and we imported wine from Spain, Chile and Argentina in to SD and sent it all over the state. Were in business for 3 years before I shut it down and started JHS full time. Its been classic going through some of these old pics!

This was our debut professional tasting, and yes, we cooked the paella.

The Old Wine Bank downtown, when it used to be owned by the right people.

This is Ernest, he and his family are behind the brillant wine Cava Rimarts. www.rimarts.net

This was a hosted lunch at the world famous Le Fountainebleu Restaurant downtown SD.

Sooooooo glad I don't have to wear this get up everyday anymore!....classic old times. Even used to wear glasses. Opps maybe I shouldn't have said that.....hahaha