Christmas "Stock"-ing Stuffers

(boards in this picture aren't the actual boards available)

If you are wondering where to get a board or two for the Christmas season, Pacific Beach Surfshop has a sweet batch of boards just waiting to slide some waves this holiday season.

Currently Available:
5'10 Mini Fish Simmons Quad
5'10 J Hall Keel
6'6 Long Fish Simmons Quad
6'8 Long Fish Simmons Quad
6'10 Long Fish Simmons Quad
7'0 Long Fish Simmons Quad
7'10 Egg Tail Skosh Single Fin
7'11 Fish Simmons Quad (just like Skip's Personal)
8'0 San Di-eggo (Classic Fryed Green Tint) 2 plus 1 Set up
9'4 Fish Simmons Quad (Teal Tint)
9'6 JM Model
11'0 Double Ender (eagle) coke bottle green tint

Call John, Randy or Stanley down at the shop to inquire about pricing or visit the shop.

Store Hours: 9am-6pm

Also be on the look out for a few fresh batches to reach the near shores of Icon's of Surf as well as Shelter Surf Shop.

Merry Shopping!

Meet the Shaper Day at Pacific Beach Surfshop

Hey everyone, this Saturday at PB Surf Shop from 12-4pm I'll be there for a meet and greet. Looking forward to meeting new customers and to answer questions about the boards currently in stock and to just talk story. This is part 2 of a 4 shaper series. So come on down and check it out. I just dropped off 6 freshies, including some new quad fins with the new Andy Davis logo as well as an 11 footer with the classic coke bottle green tint and 1/2 inch cedar stringer.

Pacific Beach Surf Shop
4150 Mission Blvd. Suite 161
SD CA, 92109

(Located next to the Hooters in the PB Promenade on Mission Blvd)

Look forward to seeing you there. Email me if you have any questions.


The New Website is launched!

check it!!!!!!!!!!

all sorts of boards in the catalog to look at!

Give it up for pops!

Dave Hall finally stopped by the Hole in the Hall yesterday to say hey and take his kid out to lunch! Check out his sticker collection, can I get a HARD BODY salute please!

Emerging Shapers Interview

My friend David who runs the Phoresia blog just posted the interview we did after having met this past September in New York. Check it out.


Windansea Coaltiotn Club Contest at La Jolla Shores

Had a fun weekend last weekend at the Shortez Bank. Fun rights both Saturday and Sunday made for a fun contest. Usually held at San Miguel in Ensenada, due to the crazy Baja stuff, the Windansea surf club decided to move it. Due to the size of surf and the only option of going right, my equipment was my new 9'6 Braden Noserider that Skip built me. My only long board with a 2 plus 1 set up. but it seemed to work. Took 4th overall in the mens longboard being the only goofy footer in the final.

Here are few shots, there are tons more on John Slavins website also

extra points were added to this waves due to the casual maneuver in the most critical part of the wave!

Thanks to Grubby Clark

....we manufacturers of these finely tuned surf crafts have to deal with this!!

for those of you that don't know what this is, you are looking at a board that has been laminated with a blank that wasn't done gassing yet! YES! those are bubbles of gas fumes leaking from an already shaped blank! hope this one turns out!

Hats off to the holiday season

these just came in. please send me an email if you'd like to purchase one!