Some sweet pin lines laid down by the master. 5'10 Mini Fish Simmons Quad for Pacific Beach Surf Shop!

Cross Country slide'n and glide'n

Boards for sale!

on the New Boards for sale blog to the right!

check em daily. i know there is 8 or 6 or so fish coming from the moonbase any day now!

Mollusk Venice, Ron Stoner Show

Had an excellent time this past Saturday night at the Mollusk Venice shop. There were tons of heads there, from Kirk Putman, Brian Hilbers and Esteban and Karen, to the crews from all the Mollusk Shops, mike, Chris, john, and of course the local cats. Headed up the 5 with friend Mike D from Cardiff, along the way picked up Tyler Warren and Bucky Barry from the doho region. And Denny Aaberg and crew rocked the house all night! All in all a great time. one thing I am realizing is that i need to be waaayyy more proactive about getting photos. HA!

view from Pickles house

a ton of san diego represented in the photos

Fishy art

Andy Davis stopped by last month to lay down some fresh paint on two freshly shaped 5'11 keel fin fish, one from the skipper and the other one from me. Look for the two boards to appear on a DVD being put together and to be released in May in japan at the Greenroom festival. DVD features the 3 of us, plus Daniel Partch foiling fins and doing some wood burning art, also moonlight will be featured as the premium ichiban glasser to finish the boards. Should be a really fun film!

Recent Happenings

since the new year! here are a few pics of the shop, then and now and a few of our friends who have stopped by.

Mike List layig down some fresh paint

how the shop looks as of today

John Cherry mowin' some foam for daniel partch, both are master craftsmen, honor to have daniel in house and JC when he visits!

like the sweet Hotel Del lobby threads!

Dropping in...

Cool, my first official post on my new blog. Hopefully somebody will read it. This should be a fun ride, dropping in early 2008 and looking way down the line....hope you'll enjoy the journey as we tour around places yet to be determeind. Checking in on our friends from time to time, seeing about thier to-do's and happenings while also documeting the freshest finest ingredients to be put out from the Hole in the Hall. Stop by for a visit anytime! looking forward to this sliding session....Meanwhile, here are some photos as to how we have arrived at this latest venture, the blog, from the Hole in the Hall Gang, San Diego CA.

the man in black Jeff McCallum

the man from Japan, Yuichi Imai...Wavesforever