I know

it's been a month since the last post so I'm sure no one is watching. Main factor? Broken worm drive on the camera, is out getting fixed. But lots of cool things have been going on.

First up! I'm having a board demo this Saturday from 9am to 2 pm at Pacific Beach Surf Shop. Located in the Promenade on Mission and Reed St, next door to Hooters. We'll be out front with the boards but check in to the shop.

Second. Ando came down to paint some boards last night for a show in Japan in Septemebr. I'll be making my first soujourn to Japan along side Andy, Tyler Warren, and Jeff Canham. Really looking forward to it. Check photos out from our good friend Ryan at http://shakasandsinglefins.blogspot.com/

Okay. That is all for now. Will be getting back into the blogging mode in a bit.