Deck Lines with Pavel

is it straight? Rich Pavel came by last week to borrow my room to hand shape 2-11 footers for big board enthusiast Steve ( Some how I got the nod to template the first board and get to put the bottom in it. A neat experience getting to see Rich hand shape. You can always learn new ideas and angles from whomever you watch. So a belated Merry Christmas and lets all have a better New Year!

Pics by


11 0 Fish Simmons for Steve

Pavel in da house

6 ah ooooh

Twin Fin swallow tail. Winter is upon us!

Chillen at the Ando compound

Torrey and Ando Finishing up the next surfer ad!

Ombac finalists

1st to 4 th right to left. J Hall, Matt Dalton, Issac Wood, Mike List

Bring em