T Warren in Puerto with da LOCS, on a J Hall Twin Keel

Lto R, Maher, Dunfee, Warren, Tudor and Del Moro

Photos: Glaser

7 8 Original Skosh

This is the 7 th board Skip and I have built together over the last 9
years. The 4 Skosh model is going to be present at the Surf Film
Festibal in Spain this summer. along side it will be a 5 10 Skip Fish
and a 5 10 J Hall Keel! Check ou the link www.surfilmfestibal.com.


6 3 egg bold personal

Glassed by Joe Ropers Surfboard Shop

Mitchs batch for the week of 4/11/10

Here's a preview of the colors for the batch this week
the bottom six boards!

Mr Tilley with his new 11'0 Fish Simmons

Custom with Daniel partch art fins

Skip fish stoke

..... Is contagious!!! Skipper picking up his personal 5'9 lis
template fish! The OG template that you can see mr Hynd doing his
"hynd-line" drives in Ank's Litmus! Look how straight that tail curve
is!!!!! Were not worthy!!!
Hadley that's your 6'7 in the back ground!!!