Last weekend national BLACKHEARTS day

All the locs present....whats sacred anymore???? Didnt they used to throw rocks at cameras guys back in the day around this area????

from George Janczyn on Vimeo.

9'4 JM Model for Suckel!!!

Man she is a hot one, literally!!


Custom Resin Pin Lines by the Master Larry Crow for LJ Shores local John Buono!!! Thank you man!!!

Custom SD Keel for Yuichi

Head Dip

JR under construction

digging the fact the new hole in the hall bay has overhead lights, just like my original shaping SPRING VALLEY!!! hahahah

9'9 JR Original Model


Josh Hall Surfboards from Taylor Larison on Vimeo.

Happy Friday

What other industry has fish taco Fridays? All hail fridays at
Ropers!!!! That's Joe and Ted on the grill!

Board of the day

Team J Hall custom for Icons/church/doho shredder Matt Suckel. Wax
companies prepare for massive 2nd and 3rd quarter growth this year.

Board of the day

Custom 10'0 JR Comp for John Buono with a triple resin pinline by
Larry Crow and glassing by Michael Miller

New Interview was just posted today by Liquid Salt Magazine

Would be stoked if everyone had a chance to check it out. Amongst this one there are some other really awesome and inspiring interviews of huge legends as well. Enjoy.

Liquid Salt Interview

Skater Skip

Not only a fine tuner of his fins, Skippy even fine tunes skateboards!

New lined

Fresh resin pin lines by the master Larry Crow

Yard possum hrydroinstalation. Festivus 8

Mad kess respect

At rks yard possum barnyard corral last night. Hard body for life!

Out of Place

Cleveland Surf Documentary Coming to SBIFF



Don't forget your booties!

SANTA BARBARA CA FEBRUARY 1, 2010.  Vince Labbe loves surfing. Twice he left for Hawaii for the allure of perfect waves and twice he's ended up back in Ohio. But any time the storms across Lake Erie he is still surfing.  And if you look past the small waves and arctic weather he may be on to something.

Despite the lack of the postcard perfect weather and waves that make the surfing image a billion dollar industry, there exists a kind of welcoming, throwback culture in Cleveland. "The common bond is the passion for life on the water," says Vince. "In many ways, it's a lot like how California must have been in the 1940's and 50's where everyone knew each other, and you were just glad to see cars pull up to the beach with boards on the roof."

The filmmakers are honored to be bringing Out of Place to California. "We're overwhelmed…extremely glad to be showing for California audiences" said Co-Director Scott Ditzenberger. "Being invited to Santa Barbara and realizing the history of surfing culture here, it's once in a lifetime…it all means so much to us."

About the film: Out of Place is an insider's perspective of the small underground community of surfers in Cleveland, Ohio.  Theirs is a life of shared dedication for the water and to waves that rarely come.  In the backdrop is a Great Lakes city trying to recover from a legacy of lost industry, lost jobs and a river polluted enough to catch fire. Still they persist despite harsh weather and gray skies. For them, the golden era of surfing is right now.  And it's happening on Lake Erie, five hundred miles from the nearest ocean.

Award Winner:  Out of Place recently premiered at the New York Surf Film Festival, Tribeca Cinemas. There it won the Audience Award for Best Feature presented by Jet Blue and the Dominican Republic. The film has been a nine year project of Co-Directors Scott Ditzenberger and Darrin McDonald, Writer Tom Heinrich, Chris McIntosh and Editor/Producer Kurt Vincent.

This is the 25th anniversary of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Please visit  for ticket information and the film site

Hey guys j hall checking in!  Wanted to spread the love about this movie. I had a wonderful time with all the cast and friends from this movie while I was in new york this past September for the NY Surf Film Featival.  The out pouring of stoke this crew and movie not only gave but received blew my mind.  I'm stoked to see them on the west coast where I know all of us take waves for granted.   Watch this and remember your grom hood. 
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