Number 2

5'9 "loose" Rocket Fish
SV-2 stands for Spring Valley! Yup! First 150 or so shaped ! Glass
on Twin Fin flat foils Lis type template supplied to me by Bird
Huffman! One the dek is a 3 color resin spear done by none other then
Larry Crow! Approximate date on board...spring summer 99! And this
board WAS present at the Original Fish Frye at crystal pier!

New York, New York, Smash Presnts....

*NEW YORK, NY: SMASH* presents The Surfers Studio: "From the Garage to the Grill" with Richard Kenvin, Ryan Field and Josh Hall, *Friday May 13th, 8PM at *Tribeca Grand Hotel’s
> Grand Screening Room*. The greatest discoveries in surfboard design, such as the Fish, happened in someone's garage or backyard. Richard Kenvin will discuss garage shaping culture and the evolution of the Fish through the designs of Bob Simmons, Steve Lis, Carl Ekstrom, The Mirandon Brothers, Ryan Birch and Lucas Dirske. Accompanied by Hydrodynamica short films and slideshow with Ryan Field. Skip Frye shaping protege Josh Hall will also be on hand to share his experience on backyard shapers in today’s diversifying surfboard market.

> Richard Kenvin is a California surfer/filmmaker and the creator of the Hydrodynamica project. Kenvin’s roots are steeped in San Diego surfing history and he is a huge proponent of the Simmons’ school of board design.

*The Surfers Studio* is a series of in depth conversations documenting the lives, careers and contributions of surfers who have made
> impacts on surf culture and the surf community

Ryan Field is a photographer living in Brooklyn

Josh Hall is a San Diego shaper and protegee of Skip Frye