History Lesson

Gary and Peter of Moonlight Glassing passing down some knowledge of past board design theory and design threads while peering down the line of the most recently shaped, balsa Simmons replica made by Terry Martin and John Cherry. A few of the names mentioned were, of course Simmons, but also, Woody Brown and Pat Curren. The conversation started with talking about Woody and it went from there. Whoa!

Be there, or be in Coachella like I'm gonna be...

I really, really wish I was in town for this, but spontaneity has its price. This is going to be an awesome show!

Two Tone

Go check out Icon's of surf, they just got one of these and a few more for their showroom! Also check Shelter, Mollusk NYC, PBSS, and the batch for Mollusk Venice just arrived at the Moonbase Thursday. Happy Weekend!

Fon Andy

Super honored and stoked to be working with Andy Davis on a few logo projects for this year. Possibly looking at a new board logo and a few shirt designs. Of course there is a board or two being worked on for both Andy and Bobby K. A 9'4 HP2 Pintail shaped and getting glassed for an up coming trip with his wifey and the couple of T Moe and his bride to unknown warm water points south. Hope you enjoy!

For Ari Macropoulos

Here is a custom 7'4 Fish Simmons Quad for legendary photographer Ari Macropoulos. Ari did a photo shoot with the boys from the Mollusk NYC shop, for a NY Times feature. Included in the shoot was a board similar t0o this among many other, also with a guest appearance from RK and his coveted pocket calculator. Should be in print sometime soon. Mollusk arranged the custom order and here it is. May you shred many a waves on this Ari. Hope you enjoy. Check out the link...scroll down to march 7.

A Batch of Freshies....

here is a batch of 4 boards ready to be finish shaped tomorrow for the Mollusk Surf Shop in Brooklyn. On deck is a 7'1 Long Fish Simmons Quad, a 6'8 Long Fish Simmons Quad, an 8'1 Fish Simmons Quad and a 5'9 J Hall Keel Fin Fish. Can't wait to see them to the glassers Monday!

Stoked Custom!!!

This is a new model custom for John. We are introducing the HP2 Comp series to the catalouge this year; all the same classic outlines of the HP2 series, just suited for more all around surfing. This is an HP2 Comp Diamond tail and is 9'6 by 22 3/4 by 3 1/8. You'll see John ripping apart La Jolla Shores on this model.

Transitional Shortboard

My guess based on the history of San Diego surfing Skip shaped this vee bottom, probably one of the very first ones when after Windansea came back from their revolutionary trip down to visit the Aussies. Skip said he was blown away by what he saw down there and was one of the first to come back and implement the new design thread of shorter boards with vee throughout. My guess is this was one of the first due to its length 9'0. If I recall correctly most were down towards the 8'0-7'0 range but of course some were even shorter than that. This project has been brought to me by a client who requested a vee bottom. I was lucky enough to have Bird Huffman loan this one to me. It just looked better than the rest with the tail really foiled out compared to most of those square off fat tailed vee things that were the start. Anyways, notice the long parallel lines and the really wide square tail...remind you of someone else's principals????