Transitional Shortboard

My guess based on the history of San Diego surfing Skip shaped this vee bottom, probably one of the very first ones when after Windansea came back from their revolutionary trip down to visit the Aussies. Skip said he was blown away by what he saw down there and was one of the first to come back and implement the new design thread of shorter boards with vee throughout. My guess is this was one of the first due to its length 9'0. If I recall correctly most were down towards the 8'0-7'0 range but of course some were even shorter than that. This project has been brought to me by a client who requested a vee bottom. I was lucky enough to have Bird Huffman loan this one to me. It just looked better than the rest with the tail really foiled out compared to most of those square off fat tailed vee things that were the start. Anyways, notice the long parallel lines and the really wide square tail...remind you of someone else's principals????