T Warren Experiments

A small little sneak peak.... I feel really fortunate to be included in the upcoming movie (hopefully summer 09) featuring Tyler Warren and created by Jon Smart. Both Manny Caro and I built Tyler a board for his upcoming Australia trip hoping to get some good footy and good waves. We'll see....below are some pics taken at the Moonbase of the boards being glassed. Stay tuned for update photos....

Capitan Tecate

This is my good friend Pier Moore. Depending where you surf on the west coast, from Santa Cruz to Cabo, at some point I'm sure you've been in the line up with Pier, not pierre, as most people mistake his name for, but I've had the honor of building all of his boards for the past 6 or 7 years. Long time local legend along with many others from my neck of the woods, the stories of Pier range from Todos, Scorpion Bay, 2 am surf sessions at head high 'Bu, trestle and Swamis, are of local lore. A good man, a great surfer, and an epic representative of team Tecate. Somehow at one point I had been dubbed the Corona Kid, I can't imagine why? Needless to say, for better or for worse, those who are his friends have a great memory somehow of Pier in his classic moments. And a spot in their hearts as well. I for sure have to many to write down in this blog, but I thought this picture might just give a hint...and as he reminded Jim and I this day, there were 18 of his best friends sitting shot gun! Long live Capitan Tecate!!!!!
note the 7'0 J Hall Long Fish strapped down on the hood!

Long boards...freshies

9'6 5 Stringer for Masaki!

9'6 Pintail for Wavesforever

9'6 3 Stringer for Wavesforever

New Blog


This is a newer blog that I just was introduced to and I really like what I'm reading. Maybe you will too. MA is one of the smoothest goofy foots to ever come out of PB and can really wail on a Single Fin Frye egg!

Beware Cardiff, a speed blur will happen soon...

Custom for big Mike D. Going to be blasting around those reefs above THE Reef. Check em out. I believe he has a custom set of Bamboo Quads from Marlin! Can't wait to see that combo

7'0 by something by something else

New Slide the Glide logo via my good friend Andy Davis...Japan pics from the 3 Amigos Tokyo Tour 09/2008 coming soon....

Paradise....just a short drive away.

Fins and Factory Sur-fin!

I'm really happy and fortunate to be working with Michael Miller getting some boards glassed at his factory now. Michael has laminated most of the insane boards by Chris Christenson for the last 5 years or so and now is on his own shaping and glassing. (http://www.factorysurfin.blogspot.com/) check him out! Right here is twin brother David laying up some freshly foiled fins by Dan Partch!


New logo via Ando for Wavesforever (www.wavesforever.com) keep an eye out for a fresh batch of slide-able candy!

Is this really what winter weather is supposed to be like?

Mother nature blessed us with a few days of extremely nice weather recently (apologies to my peeps in NYC) and had to take advantage of the 75 degree + conditions and 0 swell. We truly are a blessed city! The catch for dinner isn't much to talk about compared to what some peers pull out of the ocean but it did make some mean tacos!

The Present!

yahhhh, another sweet T Moe film on the way later this spring! looking forward to seeing this one, I know the music is awesome. Spoke with Thomas Thrusday and seems that his newly aquired 10'10 Eagle rides pretty good although being a little on the plump side for his liking. Post summer tour we will collaborate on another, and maybe a logo? we'll see....

A long peeling update

11'0 Fish Simmons Quad for Dave via Shelter Surfshop. Check em out! I think they might have one more, smaller board, in stock! http://sheltersurfshop.wordpress.com/

Customer Review:
Howdy, I'm the guy who ordered the 11 footer through Shelter in Long Beach. I just wanted to let you know that you nailed it, the board is spot on. I got to surf it in some micro waves this morning and I have to say, I haven't felt that kind of glide since the days when I used to ride my buddies 12 Frye back in the summer of 93, only this one seems easier to turn. I am really pleased. Thanks,Dave