What Goes Around...

Another awesome post from A. Smith of Born To Lose. Just wanted to pass along a fabulous post about a good friend of mine, Michael Miller, and his passion for the surf craft! I've known Michael since he first moved here and have been fortunate to see him grow to where he is at today. I'm even more fortunate that he glasses a few boards of mine from time to time. Few others work is on par with Michael's.

My Local Line Up Interview part 3

This interview was shot in September of 2007. Just so everyone knows a lot has been evolving since. The interview lasted over an hour and covered a lot of ground like in part 1. But, the particular basis for parts 2 and 3 of the series is who and what are my influences for building the classic style noseriders. And those are Joel and Donald primarily. These styles of boards represent just a part of the quiver of boards I can offer to my clients. As of late, the main board I've been building has been the Quad Fin Fish Simmons in all lengths, 5'-12'. So, just wanted to set the tone that this particular focus is on the board in the background.

Thanks to the crew at My Local Lineup for the awesome support of the small local shaper. Keep up the good work!

My Local Line Up Interview part 2

My Local Line Up Interview part 1

Finely tuned winged flyers of birdfish

Nos vemos!!!!!

Skip Frye Surfboards

Japan Fish Frye May 2008

Many were in attendance, many boards displayed, maybe some waves were ridden, however, only a few of my boards made it to the show. Wavesforever Japan shop owner Angu made it happen by getting some boards down to the beach for us. Too bad I wasn't able to attend the event. I missed out on having this conversation with Rich..... would of liked to have had the opporunity to talk fish with him!


Unbiased board review of a Mini Fish Simmons Quad

My friends wife had arranged a secret birthday shaping mission for him to have me help build a board for his son. Well, upon arriving to the Hole in the Hall, it changed in to HIS birthday board.


pics by Born To Lose

Hole in the Hall sesh with Ando and friend

Stoked to get Andy his board, finally. Actually it worked out becuase due to him not getting his board, Thomas and he were able to tag up my personal. Proves that all is meant to happen when it is supposed to. Hopefully he'll shred hard gnar on his new 9'4 HP2 Pintail. go man go!
Also present in the session, none other the the Animal man himself, Mike mutha effin List. Repppin' HB posse westcoast style!

Photo by Yusuke Hanai

I knew we'd get a better photo. Thanks Yusuke. http://hanaiyusuke.blogspot.com/

Boards Arrived and more on the way

Fresh batch just delivered to Shelter Surf Shop and Mollusk Venice today. Also Mollusk New York just got some signature models in. Big boards and small boards in the works right now for Playero, Icon's of Surf, Pacific Beach Surf Shop and Waves Forever. Stay tuned......

Unexpected East Coast Sliding Experience

This was an absolute honor and suprise for me when I arrived to the beach my second day in New York. To slide a Frye Fish Simmons at a Fish Frye in Long Island New York, based off the original event at my home break at Crystal Pier, at the foot of Felspar St, where Harry's Surf Shop dropped in November 1990 and kicked out December 2000; the very shop this exact board was born in and got to watch many of them be built. Talk about full circle!

photos passed along to me via Shawn Roche,thank you!

Love from Surfy Surfy for Mitsuru

Fotos via JP St. Pierre

Ando Boards land in Japan for The Greenroom Festival

I'm hoping to get more pictures from this event since I was not able to attend but here is a quickie snap shot of the booth we had there. To the right you can see a row of boards on the wall, 3 Skips and 3 of mine. The two fish in the middle are the boards Andy did for us. I hope the crowd was stoked.

Dream Quiver

Just going through some pld pics and thought I'd throw a quiver shot up. NO, it's not mine. Bummed.

From l to r: 5'4 J Hall Twin Keel, 7'7 Twin Fin Fish Simmons, 9'6 Swallow Tail, 8'4 Tri Fin Fish Simmons, 6'8 Long Fish Keel