Pizza Box Diaries

Underground Basque Board Building Facility

Present left behind by JT for the boys from the Salinas Surf Festival in August

Tombstone Pizza Box Style

Joel this ones for you! Look closely

Final preparations for mean northern Spain Beach assualt

New York Surf Film Festival September 2009

Foto via R. Kulisek



Photo:Iker Basterretxea

Stardate: November 8th 2009

happy birthday to someone today i forget who but i know its someones bday today so its been a while with no update, seems the whole iphone picture upload idea was running a little to costly so ive been taking pics just will upload them all later when i get back

things are going great over here: just finished my work up for the french connection pat of the tour and im heading south to santander to the film festival next week fitting that the poster is a stoner shot of skip at the ranch, so ill be there representing sd in full force all the newest and neatest films are gonna be there, even j smarts tralier to TTWE prettty stoked about that

France has been awesome got a few days od surf right in the beginning and its has been 30 feet and storming ever since, which is good becuase that means the work i had got done

side note: i`m typing on a french mac keyboard whiwh is difficult so please forgive the errors

france ctd/ been staying here with an amaznig family who has been gracious to host me while im here, as if part of the family! i cant thank them enough the factory and the quality of work there is on par with the finest in sd, so you can make sure the boards are going to come out sweet built a lot of fish, eagles and big fish simmons....i hope they are ready for sanding those bottoms!!! hahaha thanks guys! feedback seems tp be good and I cant wait to get back here and do it again, maybe next summer? its a ghost town here now but ive heard in the summer its quite the opposite

after the film fest ill be haeding out to portugal to meet up with rui and the boys out there to build a few more boards then on to salamanca spain where i lived for a year in college, to visit friends and relive a bit of that time in my life...look out!!!!

the sevilla then off to barcelobna where i fly out

hope to check in soon again ciao ciao