Holysmoke, Official Josh Hall Surfboards Japanese Distributor

Hello Everyone.  Im pleased to introduce my new distributor in Japan, Holysmoke.  A great group of people with like minded visions, epic vibes and an epic surf shop.  Check em out!  HOLYSMOKE 

Hello all,

its with sad news that I write to you today.  One of our forefathers of surf industry and culture from Pacific Beach, Bobby Challenger, passed away last night in the hospital.  I don't have any details as of yet but will keep everyone informed of proceedings that will take place.  Our club Im sure will be involved in organizing a paddle out at some point in the near future.  PLease stay tuned.  

Catch one for Bobby today,

Johnny P

If you're from here. You'll know

Live feed of Malibu

Tomorrow I surf at 920 am.


Slide the Glide

Rad interview in 3Sesenta Magazine in Spain

This was a cool interview that I did for the 3Sesenta Magazine in Spain towards the end of my trip this summer.  Thanks to Roke for the pictures and the interview.  A super special thanks to Peta Barrel for always taking care of me and letting my use his shaping room.  An endless and countless thanks to the whole equipo that supports my endeavors over there!  Muchismas gracias and mil esker !