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PB Surf Club Meeting Thursday 4/7/11

Hey Guys just wanted to let everyone know that we are having our general club meeting tomorrow night at the VFW Hall on Turquoise St
853 Turquoise Street, San Diego, CA 92109-1127
in Pacific Beach!

Gonna be a fun time:

- We'll have our new member tee's available for those who are current paid members, and of course for the new -comers who sign up, we'll also have our new membership cards to hand out as well as our newly created Membership Brochures, which are a new item that we all can take part in spreading around town to our friends, family and businesses who we might think are interested in joining the club! (Kuddos to R. Steadham for those!) Team shirts are in the works....

- a recap of the Rincon Invitational (Ill have the shirts and certificates to hand out to those who didnt get theirs at the contest)

- a recap of the Mural project for Tourmaline were organizing with the city and headed up by Ex-Pres Greg Miller

-Kiosk Day at Tourmaline April 23rd....weather pending...shall it be raining well move the date but plan to come down and hang out for a bit!

- We ll also be announcing the two official PBSC contest dates this for this year so everyone can plan! And we can get moving on our sponsorship/booster program!

- and lets get ready for Santa Cruz!!! For the first time in years we will be sending a team (with the new team tent to Santa Cruz, Memorial Day Weekend to represent our neck of the woods and shred gnar in Norcal!!! hahahaha

- bring your ideas as well to share on any topics that we discusss/and do not discuss during the meeting, only after we get through our agenda during the public comments time....we'd really appreciate that!!!!

So well have a short, sweet and fun time, and get everybody outta there early.. well see ya there! Come hungry as there will be some pizza to eat while supplies last!

Over and out, J Hall

6'0 Caviar Quad for Wavesforever