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Golden Arches Lovin....

nice boy tyler, nice boy

stacked shaka switch

tall stack (top to bottom)
Michael Miller Quad Fish
J Hall Mini fish simmons tri
J Hall SD Keel
Skip Frye 11'0 Pintail Gun
J Hall 10 Pintail Gun

all in a days work for Michael and his Surfin Factory

Not quite Alaia sliding but...????

So here is what Skip and I and two others have been doing of late. Sliding the big boards with just our little side bites. From 11'0 Pintails, to 8'0 eggs, its got us pretty stoked. In fact, the most Skip had been stoked since he built his first 11 footer (the story of the big board in the Seedling by Thomas Campbell) Check it!


to 4's

Mini Fish Simmons Tri Fin

Most of my designs are derivatives of tri fin boards. Just the action we've found with quad fin set ups, it just carried in to another design thread. Not that three fins is a bad thing!


5'7, and a lot of foam. Hand foiled straight backs by Larry Gephart

Hello friends

J Hall checking back in after a long over due break from truly blogging. Part Internet hassle, part computer hassle, also part time off having since moved out of my place from the Jesus trucks, over to a quaint little complex below the feet of the USD campus, occupied by a few stellar names in the business, Skip Frye and Michael Miller. Larry Gephart is in the hood, as well as Bird Huffman's new board storage/ museum facility. Also the king ding repair and essential fish taco builder (among many other things) Joe Roper is just a half mile down the road. We're all stoked to be building surfboards and we all hope that it will create a great thing for keeping the traditional shaping roots and designs of San Diego alive and strong for the future. Not only that, but orders are getting turned around quickly right now.

A few big shakas and shout outs must go out first!!! Primarily to Michael Miller! http://factorysurfin.blogspot.com/ Michael was open and gracious enough to allow me to occupy space in his factory during the two month turnaround between moving out of the old place and building out the new place. There is no way I could have done it other wise. Dennis Downs (sander/polisher extraordinaire) for stoking me out and hooking up the electrical for me in the new spot! You pick your model! My dad, Dave Hall for lending many needed hands during the construction phase of the shaping and show room, can't be a surf factory with out pops helping out and downing a few tecates. Also big thanks to him for the kine back patio setup, umbrella and table for kine lunch breaks! I was a little scared about Daniel leaving from the old place but it has sent him to the big island now where I hear he is about to fire up his sander again and start with some fins. Don't fret, Geppy also stops by regularly to drop the kine hand foiled goodies. Last but not least, thank you to Skip for over seeing the neighbors and giving me the nod of approval! I can't wait to see what this new proximity to him will bring to surfing!

So with out further ado, below are some of the happenings of the last few months. Minus the Sacred Craft in Ventura which I missed due to a trio out to New York for the Fish Fry (no pics, sorry). Enjoy!

Cleaning up and leaving with the walls from the place on Hancock St.

A lot happened in between these two photos but basically, I had moved all the old factory in large chunks to the new spot. It came together quickly. Dennis checking his plumbing.

Again, skipped the dry walling, mudding, sanding, mudding, taping, sanding mudding and painting, but here is a look at phase 1 done. the shaping room.

Wall paper

First blank. For a 10'0 California Pintail Gun, template courtesy of Skip. Thanks Skipper!

The great thing about the new local is that as soon as I sign a blank I can walk it over to Michael and it'll get started the next week. Pretty sick!

Skip with Yuichi 2, 11'0 Cali Pintail Gun

10'5 JR Comp Model for One foot Jo Jo

part pintail, part eagle, part nose rider. This board seems to do it all!

Le Animale

The newest collabo board with the flapper mike list. We've had quite the success with the JM Model we worked on so this is the latest creation. Now form the start I had my doubts, two deep wings, way up and out of alignment from the fins, flutes off the wing tips, single to double barrel vee, and newly acquired bamboo fins form Marlin. Crazy combo right? Well, my first wave it felt like I had been riding the board for months, in tune, lots of drive, and insane cut backs. It hard to tell what the combo is that worked, but I'll say the fins had were the majority of the reason. I had them flex in a roundhouse off the top cut back in a place in the lip that I'd never had fins load and unload before. Awesome awesome awesome. Thanks for the idea and art work flapper, and thanks to Marlin for the fins!

A pod for the Pod Room

7'2 Hall Hullish nuclear sliding device for Chip

Lucas Dirkse

This is Lucas. You probably have seen him or his name on line or in mags. He kill's it. He lives at Windansea and rides anything you throw at him and has more style in his pinky then most of us can put together our whole lives. He also graces the pages of Richard Kenvin's blog quite a bit, http://hydrodynamica.blogspot.com/. Whether it be sliding pieces of wood or the newest created tri simster hulls coming out of the barnyard and stock corral. Thanks to his ever supportive Mom, Lucas brings his so co style and just cleans up at contests, local ones, club ones or the nssa (insert here, none of us care if he does contests or not). He has some guy named Rusty build his shorts boards and I've started to build him everything else, logs, fish and below as you'll see, and Alaia fish. It's been an honor to be able to hang, surf and build boards for such a stoked grom. It brings you back to the basics of it all, lets go surf! So with out any more ego inflating compliments, haha, here are some of what we've been up to.

Lucas with his 9'0 HP2 glassed by legend glasser Joe Roper.

J Keel-Halling

5'11 J Hall Keel