Lucas Dirkse

This is Lucas. You probably have seen him or his name on line or in mags. He kill's it. He lives at Windansea and rides anything you throw at him and has more style in his pinky then most of us can put together our whole lives. He also graces the pages of Richard Kenvin's blog quite a bit, Whether it be sliding pieces of wood or the newest created tri simster hulls coming out of the barnyard and stock corral. Thanks to his ever supportive Mom, Lucas brings his so co style and just cleans up at contests, local ones, club ones or the nssa (insert here, none of us care if he does contests or not). He has some guy named Rusty build his shorts boards and I've started to build him everything else, logs, fish and below as you'll see, and Alaia fish. It's been an honor to be able to hang, surf and build boards for such a stoked grom. It brings you back to the basics of it all, lets go surf! So with out any more ego inflating compliments, haha, here are some of what we've been up to.

Lucas with his 9'0 HP2 glassed by legend glasser Joe Roper.