Foam to mow

For the Amstel Surfilm Festibal in Spain June 2010

l to r: 5'11 Skip Fast Back Keel, Cher Pendarvis,OG Skosh #4, Me, Ian O'Roarty, 5'11 J Hall Keel, much South County Pride in this pic...

2010 PB Summer Longboard Classic at Tourmaline June 12th

Come one come all! This is an open one day contest for everyone to come and enjoy! Whether you are in a surf club or not, this is a great event for surfers of all levels! Entry form/questions email or contact me..Entry forms also available at PB Surf Shop 4150 Mission Blvd

JP..just warming up for next season

biggest board ever...yet

11'1 by 27 built for no paddles...

It's time.

Union Pool. See you there!

Mm eyeing the fresh pendos!

New York Fish Fry 2010!!!

foto Alex DR

So folks its that time of year again when the city is calling for an influx of left coast surf stoke and present this year for their first time to the Fry will be the Pendos!!! Cannot freaking wait to show Steve and Cher around some of the local haunts, and to get Stevie foaming at the mouth about flex! Ill be there but slim on boards so those of you out there who have em, I'd be stoked to have you bring em on down to the beach the day of the event to for show, or to let people ride em, up to you! But I'd be really stoked to see a few around...

Festivities, well JOSH HALL SURFBOARDS is hosting beers Thrusday night at the Union Pool from 5-8, just to get everyone together and "Mine some stoke"! Thanks MB....

So spread the word, come on down and have a frostie and talk some story. I dont know who else is coming out from our neck of the woods, but Im ready to have some fun in the big city!!

Address for Union Pool: Union Pool is located at 484 Union Avenue on the corner of Union & Meeker

Powered by Rich

Racks are up phase 2 complete

Happy mothers day

I must thank my mom for taking me to the beach when I was little. My
first memory of the ocean was having her take my older brother to the
beach just down from where this photo was taken and getting completely
worked and sucked of the beach by the shore pound and her pulling me
up by my hair. awesome Caught my first white wash at the pumphouse
also. Thanks mom.

Tyler cutty on the 10'0...

Pacific Beach Surf Club Summer Longboard Classic

Hello's that time of year again for our annual Summer Longboard Classic, at Tourmaline Surf Park on June 12th! Its a one day event with all divisions open to everyone to partake! Below is the entry form, all you have to do is click on it to enlarge the photo, then print it out, fill it out and send a check to the address and well see you bright and early the day of!!! Hope you can make it. Last year we had the best contest waves ever! Period!


Surfilm Felstibal 2010

Our batch of three boards is ready and heading to the glasser today!

5'11 Skipper Fast back