Capitan Tecate

This is my good friend Pier Moore. Depending where you surf on the west coast, from Santa Cruz to Cabo, at some point I'm sure you've been in the line up with Pier, not pierre, as most people mistake his name for, but I've had the honor of building all of his boards for the past 6 or 7 years. Long time local legend along with many others from my neck of the woods, the stories of Pier range from Todos, Scorpion Bay, 2 am surf sessions at head high 'Bu, trestle and Swamis, are of local lore. A good man, a great surfer, and an epic representative of team Tecate. Somehow at one point I had been dubbed the Corona Kid, I can't imagine why? Needless to say, for better or for worse, those who are his friends have a great memory somehow of Pier in his classic moments. And a spot in their hearts as well. I for sure have to many to write down in this blog, but I thought this picture might just give a hint...and as he reminded Jim and I this day, there were 18 of his best friends sitting shot gun! Long live Capitan Tecate!!!!!
note the 7'0 J Hall Long Fish strapped down on the hood!