Christmas "Stock"-ing Stuffers

(boards in this picture aren't the actual boards available)

If you are wondering where to get a board or two for the Christmas season, Pacific Beach Surfshop has a sweet batch of boards just waiting to slide some waves this holiday season.

Currently Available:
5'10 Mini Fish Simmons Quad
5'10 J Hall Keel
6'6 Long Fish Simmons Quad
6'8 Long Fish Simmons Quad
6'10 Long Fish Simmons Quad
7'0 Long Fish Simmons Quad
7'10 Egg Tail Skosh Single Fin
7'11 Fish Simmons Quad (just like Skip's Personal)
8'0 San Di-eggo (Classic Fryed Green Tint) 2 plus 1 Set up
9'4 Fish Simmons Quad (Teal Tint)
9'6 JM Model
11'0 Double Ender (eagle) coke bottle green tint

Call John, Randy or Stanley down at the shop to inquire about pricing or visit the shop.

Store Hours: 9am-6pm

Also be on the look out for a few fresh batches to reach the near shores of Icon's of Surf as well as Shelter Surf Shop.

Merry Shopping!