This past weekends secret sliders...

So I was asked what I rode this past swell and here are the culprits. First up is a single fin pintail board that was modeled after a board Skip cut out for me for my 2000 Indo trip. Jeff McCallum bought me this blank for my B-Day in 2005 and it was shaped in February of 2006. I hadn't really caught to many waves on it prior to this weekend but I needed a board that would bleed speed off the bottom to set up for the barrell section of this wave and it just worked perfect for that purpose.

7'2 Single Fin Pin

Multi color resin spear by the Master Larry Crow whose impeccable craftsmenship helped make Chris Chrsitenson popluar with all of those crazy resin comp bands and resin panels he created for him back in the day. I've known Larry a long, long time and he actually did a multi color spear on the second board I ever shaped (a 5'9 Rocket Fish Twin circa 1999). I'm sooo stoked to be working with Larry again directly full time, now that Michael Miller is my glass master. Such a great crew to be apart of.

6'4 Swallow Tail Tri

This was a board I shaped back in 2005 as a demo for Richard Kenvin and the Swift Movement as a potential model at that time. Extremely humbled to even have the chance to build a board for the Swift Movement, being so young and new to the game. The few models I built for Swift and their clients came from the Skosh Model and Rocket Fish line, but never the less an honor to be involved at such a young age. This board actually was the first board I built start to finish, shaped, glassed and sanded. Thanks to Jeff McCallum for helping me with the lamination and fins and thanks to Christenson for the space, time and shaping room.