Ebb and Flow

Was up in the Cardiff region today yet again on another surf mission with grom Lucas and we called up Ando to see if he could surf. Unfortunately it was a little to early in the day for him, but he told us of his new venture he has going on over at the Ebb and Flow shop. Looks like Ando has his own installation there for a while and if things go right, a long while. Its a pretty cool place with an awesome view. All the Ando stuff you could ever imagine plus a few, finely tuned gifts from other artists in the way of fins and music and skateboards and books and you name it! A full on Andoland actualized into a sweet shop right in the heart of Cardiff. Its across from Patagonia and behind the 7-11. Drop in anytime. I believe the big event night will be August 7th. So pen it in your electonic devices and make sure you are there!