Surviving the Big Easy

New York, New York. The city so nice, they had to name it twice. By bus, by plane, by car, by train, think you can lick it? Get to the wicket, by you a ticket and go!!!!..George Russel.

"Now here this! All Molluskians in Molluskandia must report back here in the am for one hot rippah shred sesh in the am brah!"

We have a new leader. May I introduce to you, Osama Bin Castro!

Clams needs some tee pee for his bung holio!!!!!

Picture of Joey taking a picture

Osama Bin Castro sighting 2

Clams needs to lose some color to fit in that rack...

W'burg surf mobile! Reppin' Big Dog Style

Picture of Ashton taking a picture

No quite like sitting on coast highway trying to get to Swamis but it got us to the beach some how. I went to the beach 4 times and each time we took a different way.

Tyring to get the city off of em, the crew gets ready for post fish fry sesh. All water allies incude, RK, Manny, Asthon, Chris, Larry Mayo and Nuno. Thanks for the ride to the beach Nuno! Also at da secret spot, sighted were Moose, Christenson and the lovely Blain.

Picture of Richard taking a picture and stalking big banga rights at an unmarked secret spot.

Woaaaahhh braddah! Chek da ripping left brah!

Mayor of Long Island doing a meet and greet.

Joey Clams goin to work on some fine foam transport style.

Slave labor...

Yo Mike! She ain't 12 feet of Dinasoar Poop but she'll still go fast!

Jah Bless dropping hits all night long!

we build surfboards, he builds music. Rasta pon top son!

Gotta be careful in the 'Berg cause you might run into the local color.

Freaks shows come free and often late at night....

careful Manny, she's sizing you up! Any takers?

Picture of Manny taking a picture.

Eh yo Sal! Check it, ders a surf shop ova hee. Eh look, its one o das soifers, grab is bord! quick!

ah yes, the lovely Millie Rose Deli Chicken Sandwhich on a blurry Sunday moring, post baile sesh! your loveing it Manny, I know.

Though only one sighting occured in my stay, Big Dog Style is represented everywhere!

Danny, you were there in spirit.

Thanks to all who helped us starving cali shapers get around your town. The Clams, Bubbie, FM Borroughs, and everyone else involved in the madness of the fish frye week! mad ups to you all!!! Booking ticket already for next year! ciao.