What can I say about this picture. By far the most, heavy-not in my wildest dreams-could I believe this day would happen-type of picture of my life, to say the least. How do you show gratitude to a man like Skip? I would have to write a book about all the man has past on to me and taught me in life. But I don't think the words would come anywhere remotely close to describing the feelings I've experienced being able to spend as much time as I have with him. I mean, growing up and riding in the same car with him on my first trips to places like Swami's, San O or to meet Donald. Or like the first time I ever surfed the 'Bu and met him up there and as we paddle out the back with each other he turns and teaches me the line up spots and which waves to catch in the set. Can you believe that? Back then it was like living inside of a permanent dream. I'm with Skip at Malibu! He was in the van for the first Windansea trip up to the bu! Legendary! I mean, if Skip said hi to you in the water it was a big deal and here I am surfing the Bu with him? Freaking unbelievable! I mean that's Skip Frye man! And here I am so fortunate to have the man as a mentor to me, and to give me his blessing as I launch out in to the board building world with his roots firmly planted in me. If I could give one percent back to the sport of surfing like Skip has done, it would be a huge feat. He embodies what surfing is all about, the stoke of the aloha spirit. When all the corporate banners are taken down, and china built pop outs are removed, that's all that's left, the reason we all do it, for stoke of the aloha spirit. Skip's now in his 50th year of surfing and in my opinion he could have every right to be the grumpy, old bitter salty surfer out in the lineup complaining about crowds and talking story of how good it used to be, but he's not. In fact, he's more stoked now and is surfing more than he ever has in his life. I try to make people realize when out in the water with Skip, how lucky we are to have one of the last surfer/shaper/craftsmen still around us surfing and innovating and fine tuning designs. we should all just sit back and watch him surf, and not just surf, but absolutely rip a place apart. I'm thankful that we are able to help Skip out and get him what has been deserving of his entire career and now he can just focus on surfing. My gratitude to him is unexplainable. I couldn't begin to say thank you enough, to really show it. I'm seriously the luckiest person on the planet and I try to remember that every single day. I hope by continuing to build boards in his tradition I will be able to pass on the stoke which he passed on to me Thanks Skip!